Approved by the Board of Directors on April 24, 2007, STOHINC™ is committed to international principles of Business.

I firmly believe that the successes of past years have given us the momentum needed to prosper in this constantly evolving hydrocarbons sector. Sub Tundra Oil Holdings Inc. [STOHINC™] is the company with quite strong influence in the areas of oil and chemical both within and outside Russia.
Enjoying less than 8 years of history, STOHINC™ has always been committed to serving the world’s economic development and social progress. Especially since 1998, STOHINC™, then known as “KLS Trade Links Ltd” steadfastly executed its strategic shift to remold itself as the market-oriented company. By means of management reform, STOHINC™ has been transformed from a traditional trading company [KLS Trade Links Ltd] to a modern marketing and servicing company. STOHINC™ profitability and the capability of sustainable development have been greatly enhanced. Vibrant and dynamic, STOHINC™ is achieving rapid growth under the backdrop of United Kingdom and Russia’s markets economic development. The global economy’s growth and China’s resolution to build a well-off society bring us wonderful opportunities. “Creating Value, Quest for Excellence” is STOHINC™ motto. “Scientific Approach, Quality, Punctual Delivery and Profitability” are STOHINC™ key words. We will continue to push forward STOHINC™ strategic realignment, to create value for our clients, to create wealth for our shareholders, and to contribute more to our country and society.
We are confident that our products line-up will continue to evolve at the cutting-edge pace of the world's energy market. Our commitment to the needs of our customers is well-documented and we maintain our focus as we pursue our stated goals. I finally wish to thank our employees, customers and shareholders for their continued support. We are still committed to bringing long-lasting success into the 21st century. Let’s join our hands to create the glorious future»
  MR. KANAABI, Edward Right / MSc.
President/Chief Executive Officer

Chairman of the Board of Directors, President/CEO of STOHINC™.

 Born 1966. In 1991, graduated from the Leningrad Electro-technical Institute of Radio Communication, Broadcasting & Television (LEIC) – [RRV&TV_201100], Holder of MSc. in Engineering from St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunication (M. A. Bonch-Bruyevtch). From 1998- General Manager of KLS Trade Links Ltd. From 2006, president of  STOHINC™ 13 April 2007, appointed President/Chairman/CEO of STOHINC™.

For better- and sometimes for worse- peace, order and good government, and the institutions that anchor this creed in our national/international life, have been the guarantor of our business independence and our international distinctiveness. The success of this creed makes our Company one of the most sought-after destinations for co-operation in the world. Our capacity to resolve business competitions peacefully means that we have survived where many other multinational, multi-ethnic, regionalized companies have failed. For all our justified concerns about corruption in governance by the standards of Transparency International, STOHINC™ remains one of the best governed Giants in the hydrocarbon sector in the world. Our commitment to satisfy consumer rights remains our number one concern and is the condition of our survival as a distinct Company. These conditions are not cluster values; they define our international interests and are preconditions of our national/international independence. We identify the global trends that most deeply impinge upon our interests as a company and specify the particular skills we can to bring the solutions of the problem that threaten our interest world-wide. Every member has to focus on what he does best, where his comparative advantage lies. If this diagnosis of the vital business challenge before STOHINC™ is correct, then what policies do we need to develop to meet it!!! We specialize in a policy framework that brings all our “governance” activity together into a single powerful program of action that gives us a UNIQUE ability to turn Obstacles into Opportunity.

At STOHINC™ perseverance is our golden line!